Chef Armando has been a local favorite for many years! He originally started wowing everyone with his innovation dishes 15 years ago at the original, Eisenhower Shopping Center location!  His fans have followed him all over Hanover and his popularity stretches from coast to coast with frequent out of town visitors. 


Armando's craft has been handed down to him over many generations.  He started flipping pizzas at the family business over 35 years ago and his family has been making food for Hanover for over 45 years. Originally from Naples, Italy, his parents have taught his how to make the Italian home cooking we all enjoy. 

Not only is he an excellent chef but also a wonderful entertainer.  Patrons love when he visits their table and he frequently remembers them by name.  His warm and welcoming personality is a big reason why LaCucina Italian Restaurant feels like a home away from home.