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Off-Site Catering
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We will work with you to customize your menu to fit your event and budget!


As of June 13th, Cafe La Cucina is permanently closed.  Cafe La Cucina was sold to our good friend and long-time chef in March of 2020. Due to the many COVID-19 closures and staffing struggles, Cafe La Cucina became one of the sad statistics of restaurants that were not able to sustain themselves. Armando WILL personally maintain the catering portion of La Cucina and will continue to book and honor all previously booked events and off-premise catering. We will continue to do what we do best....hospitality. The current space has been leased to a new establishment. Please remember to be kind and gracious to all restaurateurs that are out there doing their very best to stay afloat in these very uncertain times. Thank you!

All unused gift cards can be redeemed for catering or Family Meals for 5 now offered at Jerry & Sals Restaurant. To place an order please contact Armando @ 717.451.3546. 24 hour advanced ordering required for all Family Meals for 5.

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